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So, I never thought for one minute that I would be writing a Blog about OUTDOOR LEARNING and RAISING BILINGUAL CHILDREN, but here I am putting pen to paper (or should I say fingers to keyboard), and it’s not as daunting as I thought it would be.

Hi, I’m Rachel a tea drinking outdoorsy book fanatic equestrian Brummy gone Austrian. Ihave lived in Austria now for just over 11 years, moving here after meeting my husband. Forthose of you that are thinking it, I am a non skier, and sometimes still feel a little out of place
here in the winter months.

My Husband (Franky) and I run a Riding School and Livery Yard (Reitstall Roemerhuette KG if you are interested) and this keeps us on our toes.

Emily our daughter arrived in 2016, and we knew we wanted to raise her bilingually, and to be honest from the moment I was pregnant I was taking advantage of the whole bilingual idea with people saying you should be listening to music etc. so your baby can hear it, no more said I was listening to english music and audio books were on full volume in our house!!
We also wanted to be outdoors as much as possible. Nature can give us so much, and in this day and age where children spend more and more time indoors infront of various screens I can only use this platform in order to encourage families to get outdoors more wheher that be in a city park, small town playground or out and about in the countryside, the resourses for outdoor learning are never ending.

I hope throughout this blog I will not only just be able to encourage families to get outdoors more, but also provide you with fun learning and craft activites in Nature and using nature, offer advice not just on raising children bilingually but also influence families to introduce english and reading early into their childs lives, and also recommend some fantastic books and literature.

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