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The start of a writing journey!

I am really excited to be writing this, and by putting this journey into my blog I have all you readers down as my accountability partners – therefore have to meet my deadlines!!

The Journey Begins

I thought it was time to get my ideas out of my head and down on paper. After a complete quiet couple of hours brain-dumping my whole idea and then looking at it on a paper I was not convinced I was making the right decision.

This is where Shelley Wilson comes in. I have read a number of Shelley’s self-help books and have known her for about 10 years, but I have never used her author mentor services before- but now was time.

The Preparation

Prior to our session I needed to ensure I was organised and had answered some questions that Shelley had emailed me:

  • Target audience
  • Who are the other authors in my field (my competition)
  • Super customer
  • Who is my avatar… the list goes on

Was I ready to do this, did I have all my ‘ducks in a row’… definitely not!!!

Let’s start the Zoom

The session has started and I am a little nervous. What if Shelley thinks my idea is completely ridiculous – oh what was I thinking!!

Shelley calms me immediately with her bubbly but down to earth personality and we get down to business, finalising my chapters, sorting out my potential word count. Chatting about what else I may need (Translator, Editor, Illustrator).

We have a plan in place, and even a deadline for my first draft. I am feeling upbeat and positive about my decision to write this.

What am I writing?

It’s The Outdoor Bilingual Learner of course!!! A bilingual outdoor & nature language learning guide for families learning English or German as a foreign language. For bilingual families or just for families who enjoy activities within nature.

The language side is aimed at children between three and eight years and involves some crafting ideas and also recipes to try throughout the seasons.

I hope that you will enjoy reading more about this journey, there will probably be ah-ha moments, frustrations and if I know me tears (hopefully of happiness!)

Want to learn more?

You can also follow our writing and general outdoor bilingual journey on Instagram, Facebook and newly Twitter (not sure this is going to be my social platform of choice but we will see..)

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