Online English Lessons

Private One on One English

If you are looking for your child to start learning english, or wish your child to have an 1 hour a week with a native speaker then this is for you!

Englisch-Einzelunterricht Online

Möchtest du das dein Kind Englisch lernst? Wenn ja, dann schau weiter um zu sehen wie eine Stunde mit ein nativ Speaker abläuft in Zusammenhang mit der Natur!

English, English, English!

Are you looking for your younger child to start learning english or do you have an older child that may need some help with grammar or just wish to have sessions in english conversation in order to improve their listening and speaking then you have arrived at the right place.

I offer fun nature related online english lessons for younger children 4- 10 years that can be customised to your childs needs, and englsh conversation for older children wishing to improve their grammar or conversation skills.

My focus for the younger age group is definitely obtaining vocabulary. I am a huge fan of learning a foreign language as a living language and not through grammar and reading but through hearing and speaking as if we were learning our native tongue. 

English conversation lessons can help with a number of elements from grammar, listening and general understanding. Many students feel confident about their english ability in hearing and writing but then lose this whilst speaking. Talking to a native speaker on a weekly basis can not only improve understanding but can also improve confidence in general.